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   Excavator Buckets:

   Heavy Duty Bucket

   Strickland Bucket



   Vee Bucket



   Universal Thumbs

   T1 Excavator

   The Clamp


   Strickland Grapple

   T1 Demo Grapple

   Quick Couplers:

   MM Coupler

   Strickland S-Lock

   Concrete Pulverizers:

   Strickland Pulverizer

   YPC Crusher

   Cracker Splitter Combos:


   Stump Splitters:

   Ransome Stump

    Shark Tooth

   Heavy Duty
    Brush Hog

   Black Splitter

   Tree Shear

   14/20" Forestry

   Stump Puller

   Hydraulic Grapples:

   YM Grapple

   YDG / YSG Grapples

   Clamshell Buckets:

   YC Clamshell

   Cable / Wire Clam


   Custom Large
   Excavator Buckets

   Roll-Out Bucket

   Loader Skeleton Bucket


   Top Bracket

   Quick Coupler Bracket


   Loader Stacking Rake

   Skid Steer Grapple Rake

   Skid Steer Stacking

   Semi-Low Profile Dozer

   Low Profile Dozer

   Excavator Rake


   Pallet & Utility Forks

   Bucket Forks

   Heavy Duty Forks

   Fork Carriage

   Universal Processors:

   RMS200 / DFS03 Shears


   YSR Shear

   YLS Shear

   SH Shears

   Diverter Valve


   Rockblaster Hammers

   Vibrating Pile Driver


   Ransome Rippers


   Plate Compactor

   Compaction Wheels

   Wrecking Drop Ball

   Material Handler Front

   Specialty Machines:

   Marsh Buggies

   Small Track Dumper

   Rotary Cutters


   LGI Magnets

   Quick Mags

   Instant Generator/Mag

   Sticks & Booms:

   Long Reach Package

   100k lb L/R Package

   Stick Extensions

   Demolition Front End

   Telescoping Booms/Sticks

   3rd Stick

   Stretch Stick

   High Reach Demolition

   Custom Ultra High

   Elevated Cab

   Hill Hoe


Universal Thumbs

Custom Thumb Custom Thumb
Custom Thumb
Custom Thumb
12" x 40"
Custom Thumb
12" x 40"
Mounting bracket dimensions of the 12 x 40 thumb are 6 wide tapered down to 3 x 28 long.
Custom Thumb
12" x 40"
Specifications        (2012 Pricing)
Excavator Class Width x Length Weight (lbs) Pin Diameter Tine Thickness Tines Price
10-20k 12" x 40" 350 50 mm 3/4" 2 P.O.R.
20-35k 18" x 50" 440 60 mm 1" 4 P.O.R.
35-40k 24" x 56" 780 70 mm 1.5" 4 P.O.R.
40-60k 32" x 60" 1200 80 mm 2" 4 P.O.R.
40-60k 32" x 67" 1550 80 mm 2" 4 P.O.R.
60-80k 34" x 69" 1670 80 mm 2.75" 4 P.O.R.
75-100k 36" x 76" 2350 80 mm 2.75 4 P.O.R.

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